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Monitoring Abort Gap Beam Intensity in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Radiation

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Randy M Thurman-Keup
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Randy M Thurman-Keup
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22 Feb 2006, 13:03
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22 Feb 2006, 13:03
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22 Feb 2006, 13:03
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During operation of the Tevatron in colliding beam mode, a small amount of the beam diffuses out of the bunches and spreads around the ring. The presence of this beam in the abort gap can have a serious effect on superconducting magnets and a devastating effect on the silicon detectors of CDF and D0. During an abort, the kicker magnets ramp up during the abort gap. Beam passing through the kickers while they are ramping sprays into magnets and into the silicon detectors. I will present an overview of the system that monitors the intensity of the abort gap beam using synchrotron radiation emitted near the edge of a Tevatron dipole magnet.
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This is the talk that was given at the Accelerator Division Seminar on 2/21/06.
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