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Care and Feeding of the Oscillation Overthruster

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Dave McGinnis
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Dave McGinnis
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20 Mar 2006, 14:35
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20 Mar 2006, 14:35
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20 Mar 2006, 14:35
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The Oscillation Overthruster is an auto-tune program used for controlling the 120 GeV proton beam in the P1,P2 and AP1 beam lines and the secondary 8 GeV beam in the AP2 line for antiproton production. The program is substantially different from most of the other beamline auto-tune programs used at Fermilab because it uses singular value decomposition to compute the trim corrections. Singular value decomposition cleanly handles over-constrained or under-constrained problems so any combination of trims and BPMs can be used. In addition, because of non-ideal spacing of correction elements and BPMs, normal inversion of square beamline correction matrices can result in poorly constrained trim solutions. Singular value decomposition provides a natural way to reject nearly singular solutions.
Another difference between the Oscillation Overthruster and other auto-tune programs is that trims in the 120 GeV line affect the orbit in the 8 GeV AP2 line. The Oscillation Overthruster incorporates some of the 120 GeV trims in the AP2 8 GeV correction matrix.
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