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Main Injector RF Requirements for a 1.3 Megawatt 120 GeV Proton Source

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Dave McGinnis
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Dave McGinnis
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30 Apr 2006, 20:57
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13 May 2006, 21:02
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13 May 2006, 21:02
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Beam loading will dominate the operation of the Main Injector RF system for 120 GeV beam powers greater than 700kW. This note outlines a simple calculation of the RF power requirements in the Main Injector for a 1.3 MW 120 GeV proton source described in Beams Document 1782.
Active beam loading compensation can achieve larger Robinson stability margins for less RF power than externally loading the RF cavities. It is possible to accelerate 1.3MW of beam power with the current Main Injector RF system driven by a single tube and stay near maximum rated specifications of the current power tetrode if active beam loading compensation is implemented and the power tetrodes are operated in Class C. However, the peak anode current required by a single tube at 1.3MW of beam power is substantially above normal operating experience for reliable operations. The two tubes per cavity configuration provides substantial operating margin up to a beam power of 1.5 MW. It should be noted that the requirements for 700kW of beam power for a single tube mounted on each cavity does not exceed normal operating parameters.
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