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Analog Signal Pre-Processing For The Fermilab Main Injector BPM Upgrade

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Manfred Wendt
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Manfred Wendt
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22 May 2006, 13:00
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22 May 2006, 13:00
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22 May 2006, 13:03
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An analog signal pre-processing scheme was developed, in the framework of the Fermilab Main Injector Beam Position Monitor (BPM) Upgrade, to interface BPM pickup signals to the new digital receiver based read-out system. A key component is the 8-channel electronics module, which uses separate frequency selective gain stages to acquire 53 MHz bunched proton, and 2.5 MHz anti-proton signals. Related hardware includes a filter and combiner box to sum pickup electrode signals in the tunnel. A controller module allows local/remote control of gain settings and activation of gain stages, and supplies test signals. Theory of operation, system overview, and some design details are presented, as well as first beam measurements of the prototype hardware.
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BIW06 held from 01 May 2006 to 04 May 2006 in Fermilab, Batavia, IL, USA
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