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Translating Measured Multipoles onto the Reference Orbit in Recycler Combined Function Magnet

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Ruth A. Becker
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Monica A Neuffer
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13 Dec 2002, 15:58
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05 Dec 1996, 00:00
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05 Dec 1996, 00:00
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24 Jul 2003, 10:53
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05 Dec 1996, 00:00
13 Dec 2002, 15:58
The Recycler is to be constructed utilizing combined function magnets. It is anticipated that production measurements of these magnets will
utilize a straight rotating coil aligned with the transverse center of the magnet. Since the reference orbit in these magnets follows an arc with
~11 mm sagitta the beam will experience magnetic fields that are different than those measured with the probe. The purpose of this note is to
provide a prescription for translating multipoles as measured by a straight probe into multipole content as seen on the reference orbit and to
evaluate the significance of these effects.
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