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Overview of proton drivers for neutrino super beams and neutrino factories

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Weiren Chou
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Weiren Chou
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05 Jul 2006, 14:39
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05 Jul 2006, 14:39
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05 Jul 2006, 14:39
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This is an invited talk at the ICFA HB2006 Workshop, May 29 - June 2, 2006 in Tsukuba, Japan. There has been a world-wide interest in Proton Drivers in the past decade. Numerous design proposals have been presented in Asia, Europe and North America, ranging from low energy rapid cycling synchrotrons, normal or superconducting linacs to high energy slow cycling synchrotrons and FFAGs. One thing in common is that all these machines provide MW beam power and are used primarily for neutrino experiments. This paper gives an overview of these activities. In the last section the author expresses his personal opinion on the future of this field.
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