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Cavity and Beam Excitation for the Linac--7835 Tube Lifetimes

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Elliott S McCrory
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Elliott S McCrory
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06 Jul 2006, 10:22
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06 Jul 2006, 10:22
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06 Jul 2006, 10:22
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This is a spreadsheet of the 7835 lifetime as a function of the "best guess" peak beam loading. "Sheet 1" is a table of the peak RF power required for each station in the 201 MHz Linac (stations 1 through 9). "Sheet 2" is the best guess of the beam current in the Linac through the years (real data after 1998; best guess before that). "Sheet 5" is the table of tube lifetime data, using "Sheet 1" and "Sheet 2" to determine the peak power that was required during the life of that tube. "Chart1" is the plot of tube lifetime versus peak power, with two line fits to the data. Conclusion: there is a good correlation when you include Station 1 and Station 2; a hint of a correlation otherwise.
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  • Excel (Cavity and Beam excitation at different beam currents.xls, 95.5 kB)
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