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MARS15 Calculations for MI8 Collimator Design

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Bruce C. Brown
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Bruce C. Brown
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29 Aug 2006, 17:53
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31 Oct 2006, 14:50
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22 Apr 2008, 11:10
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31 Aug 2006, 15:37
A collimation system for the Booster to Main Injector transfer line
(MI8 line) has been designed and installed at MI-836 and MI-838. This
system removes particles in the beam halo from a 8 GeV Booster beam
before it arrives at the Main Injector. A pair of collimators, with
horizontal and vertical motion, is installed between the gradient
magnets in half-cell 836 and an identical system is placed one cell
away (about 90 degrees in phase advance) at 838. Energy deposition and
radiation calculations have been performed for this system with the
MARS15 Monte-Carlo code and are reported in this note. Losses of a
Booster beam in each collimator pair are limited to about 1% of the
Booster intensity of 5 x 10^{12} at 10 Hz by considerations of surface
water contamination and hands-on maintenance criteria. Other
radiation effects are less restrictive. This note provides input for
radiation safety and thermal analyses for these collimators.
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Added clarifications to captions and figure descriptions. Provided table to compare various activation/cooldown scenarios.
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