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MDI Studies at the ILC and related test beam program at SLAC's End Station A Facility

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Xi Yang
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Xi Yang
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07 Sep 2006, 14:21
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07 Sep 2006, 14:21
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07 Sep 2006, 14:21
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The design of the International Linear Collider impacts Detector design and physics capability beyond the delivered luminosity and energy reach. Machine-Detector Interface (MDI) work for the ILC includes:

Evaluation of design choices for the ILC baseline configuration for impact on Detector design and physics capability
Evaluation of the impact of Detector Concept designs on the ILC
Beam instrumentation needed for the physics program, including precision measurements of the beam energy and energy spread, beam polarization, luminosity and luminosity spectrum.
Collimation and Backgrounds
Instrumentation of very forward region for luminosity measurements and for electron id to identify 2-photon events (potential backgrounds for SUSY searches) in the presence of a fierce background of low energy e+e- pairs.
I’ll discuss these MDI aspects for the ILC and related beam tests in the SLAC End Station A facility.

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