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Beam Profile Diagnostics For the Fermilab Medium Energy Electron Cooler

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Arden A. Warner
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Arden A. Warner
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29 Sep 2006, 15:25
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29 Sep 2006, 15:25
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29 Sep 2006, 15:25
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The Fermilab Recycler ring will employ an electron cooler to store and cool 8.9-GeV antiprotons. The cooler will be based on a Pelletron electrostatic accelerator working in an energy-recovery regime. Several techniques for determining the characteristics of the beam dynamics are being investigated. Beam profiles have been measured as a function of the beam line optics at the energy of 3.5-MeV in the current range of 10-4-1A, with a pulse duration of 2µs. The profiles were measured using optical transition radiation produced at the interface of a 250µm aluminum foil and also from YAG crystal luminescence. In addition, beam profiles measured using multi-wire detectors were investigated. These three diagnostics will be used together to determine the profile dynamics of the beam. In this paper we report the results so far obtained using these techniques.
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