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OTR Measurements and Modeling of the Electron Beam Parameters at the E-cooling Facility

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Arden A. Warner
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Arden A. Warner
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29 Sep 2006, 15:41
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29 Sep 2006, 15:41
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29 Sep 2006, 15:41
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Parameters of the electron beam accelerated in the Pelletron, intended for the electron cooling of 8.9 GeV antiprotons in the Fermilab recycler storage ring, have been studied. The parameters were measured under the accelerating section using Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) monitor. The monitor employs highly-reflective 2 inch-diameter aluminum OTR-screen with a thickness of 5 µm and digital CCD camera. The measurements were done in a pulse-signal mode in the beam current range of 0.03-0.8 A and at pulse durations ranging from 1 µs to 4 µs. Processing of the measured results obtaining the differential beam profiles allows comparing the results with modeling of the DC beam dynamics from the Pelletron cathode to the OTR monitor. The modeling was done with ULTRASAM and BEAM programs. An adjustment of the magnetic fields in the lenses of the accelerating section was done in the simulations. The simulated electron beam parameters downstream of the accelerating section were in good agreement with processed measured in the pulse-signal mode data.
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