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Reducing the momentum spread of 8-GeV Booster beams via the excitation of the bunch length oscillation (simulation results)

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Xi Yang
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Xi Yang
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18 Oct 2006, 13:35
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18 Oct 2006, 13:35
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18 Oct 2006, 13:35
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In order to reduce the beam loss for slip stacking in Main Injector, the momentum spread of 8 GeV Booster beams is required to be less than 8 MeV (95%). Bunch rotation at the end of a cycle via rf voltage reduction was applied for such purpose. However, the fast rf voltage reduction often causes beam loading problems to Booster rf stations, which effect the reliability of extracted beams. An alternative method, which introduces bunch length oscillations at the end of a cycle via the modulation of the rf accelerating voltage with twice the synchrotron frequency, has been tried. The 8 GeV beam is extracted at the time when the bunch length reaches the maximum and the momentum spread becomes the minimum.
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