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Booster 3-D simulations

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Xi Yang
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Xi Yang
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16 Dec 2006, 11:40
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16 Dec 2006, 11:40
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16 Dec 2006, 11:40
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In order to have a better understanding of the FermiLab Booster beam loss at the injection, emittance growth at the transition crossing, and momentum spread reduction at the extraction, we need a 3-D model which includes the longitudinal and transverse space charge effect and the longitudinal impedance effect. After we’ve successfully bench marked the longitudinal motion model against the experiment (see the accelerator physics and technology seminar at 09/02/06), it has been added to the particle tracking code STRUCT. Also, a simplified transverse space charge model has been added to STRUCT.
Based upon our simulation, the momentum reduction at the extraction is optimized operationally to reduce the beam loss during Slip Stacking in the Main Injector.
We obtained a good agreement between experiment and simulation at injection and extraction.
We’re ready to include the longitudinal impedance module and nonlinear chromatic effect at the transition in STRUCT.
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Booster simulation
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