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Proceedings of the miniworkshop on Possible Advanced Accelerator R&D Directions at the ILC Test Accelerator (NML) at Fermilab

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Philippe R.-G. Piot
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Philippe R.-G. Piot
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28 Dec 2006, 21:20
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28 Dec 2006, 21:50
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28 Dec 2006, 21:50
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28 Dec 2006, 21:20
Fermilab is currently building a test facility with the prime purpose of testing and characterizing sub-systems associated to the international linear collider (ILC) proposal. This ILC test accelerator (ILCTA) will eventually produced bright electron beams with energies ranging from 40 to 750 MeV. The purpose of this mini-workshop is to identify possible advanced accelerator R&D activities that could be pursued at this facility along with needed infrastructure to successfully carry these experiments. Topics that were discussed included:
• generation, manipulation and diagnostics of high brightness electron beams,
• plasma-wakefield based acceleration technique,
• electromagnetic structure and laser-based acceleration methods,
• radiation sources.
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PAC1993 held from 17 May 1993 to 20 May 1993 in Washington DC
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