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Experimental Optimization of TTF2 RF Photoinjector and Bunch Compressors

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Milorad B. Popovic
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Milorad B. Popovic
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16 May 2007, 13:34
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16 May 2007, 13:34
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27 Jun 2007, 11:03
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To develop various technologies for a future linear collider and the European X-ray Free Electron Laser, conversion of DESY TESLA Test Facility (TTF) into its phase 2 (TTF2 / FLASH) was started in 2002. To get an FEL lasing and a saturation of FEL power within a 30 m long undulator, highly dense and cold beams with a high peak current, a low energy spread, and a low emittance should be sent to the undulator. In 2004, commissioning of a new L-band RF gun, a new superconducting booster linac (ACC1), and two new bunch compressors were started to supply suchlike beams. During this talk, speaker will shortly introduce TTF2, RF photoinjector, and bunch compressors. Then, speaker will talk about various commissioning experiences of TTF2 RF photoinjector and the first experimental demonstration of a strong emittance damping along the booster linac to generate a ultra-low normalized transverse emittance of about 1 mm.mrad for 1 nC and 4.4 ps rms long electron beams. Finally, speaker will talk about experimental optimization of TTF2 bunch compressors to generate femtosecond long electron beams.

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AD Seminar held on 28 Sep 2006 in 1 West
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