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Measurement of Booster Beam Halo using the C836A and C838A Collimators in the MI8 Beamline

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Bruce C. Brown
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Bruce C. Brown
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09 Jun 2007, 16:14
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11 Jun 2007, 12:41
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22 Apr 2008, 11:07
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During high intensity operation for NuMI, the MI8 Collimators have been used to measure the halo in the horizontal and vertical planes. The collimators are positioned to scrape the beam halo. Losses were recorded using LM8C1 through LM8C4 whose response is shown to be approximately linear with lost beam intensity. Measurements are reported using the MI836A collimator and 90o phase advance downstream at C838A. The sensitivity was calibrated using the change in transmission from toroids I:TOR806 to I:TOR852. The integrated loss is found to be exponential from above 1% to nearly 0.01% or below. The sensitivity of the halo measurement is limited by a measured loss which is independent of collimator location.
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