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Document Pbar Running Conditions

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Brian E. Drendel
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Brian E. Drendel
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09 Aug 2007, 14:30
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09 Aug 2007, 14:30
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09 Aug 2007, 14:30
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Before each long shutdown, efforts are taken to document the running conditions. This documentation includes save files, settings, configurations, plots, scope captures, spectrum analyzer traces, etc.. of each system that may be used to assist in returning to normal operations after the long shutdown. It also provides a good reference that can be used to compare system running conditions while investigating downtimes. To help organize the large quantity of data that were collected, I created an index that lists each accelerator system divided into sections based on accelerator location. Within each accelerator location are the individual items that were documented.    Attached to each item listed are links to the individual entries that cover that particular item for any of the running conditions documentation that was run before the Fall 2003 shutdown all the way to the Fall 2007 Shutdown.   Click on links labeled "Fall 2007" to go the the results from the "Fall 2007" save, click on "Winter 2006" to go to results from the "Winter 2006" save, click on "Fall 2004" to go to results from the "Fall 2004" save, or click on links labeled "Fall 2003" to go to results from the "Fall 2003" save.   Sometime multiple elog entries were made on a particular topic during one of the saves.   In this case, I reference each entry in the format (Fall 2004: entry 1, entry 2, entry 3,....).   Clicking on "entry 1", "entry 2" etc.. would bring up the individual entries.   If the particular topic was not documented before a shutdown on a certain {Date}, there will be a tag that says ({Date}) that will be colored in green and have no link.  A copy of this index is currently being stored in the Pbar Online Tuning Guide at ,
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