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High-power RF sources and components for linear colliders

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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20 Nov 2007, 12:25
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20 Nov 2007, 12:25
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20 Nov 2007, 12:25
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The general principles, design solutions and performance of the high-power RF sources the author worked on are considered for both “warm” and SC versions of a linear collider. The problems of high–power RF windows for accelerator applications, as well as the several types of the new windows the author invented, are discussed. The power multiplication schemes and examples of the some exotic high RF power components the author developed for these schemes are described, namely mode launchers, mode converters, power dividers, phase shifters, etc. The design and test results of a new, inexpensive and simple sectioned high-power input coupler for the SC collider option, developed by the author for ILC SC cavities, are presented. Finally, the results of the work on an ultra-fast electrically-controlled L-band ferroelectric tuner, which allows fast coupling and phase control of the SC acceleration cavities, are presented.
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