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Report on Accelerator Physics and Technology Workshop for Project X

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Dave McGinnis
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Dave McGinnis
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26 Dec 2007, 15:57
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26 Dec 2007, 15:57
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26 Dec 2007, 15:57
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Project X is a concept for an intense 8 GeV proton source that provides beam for the Fermilab Main Injector and an 8 GeV physics program. The source consists of an 8 GeV superconducting linac that injects into the Fermilab Recycler where multiple linac beam pulses are stripped and accumulated. The 8 GeV linac consists of a low energy front end possibly based on superconducting technology and a high energy end composed of ILC-like cryomodules. The use of the Recycler reduces the required charge in the superconducting 8 GeV linac to match the charge per pulse of the ILC design; aligning Project X and ILC technologies
A workshop was held November 12-13, 2007 at Fermilab. The workshop drew 175 people from 28 different institutions. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss accelerator physics and technology issues of Project X and explore possible areas of overlap and interest between various particle accelerator laboratories and universities.
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