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Mathematical Description of the Booster LLRF Controls

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Craig C Drennan
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Craig C Drennan
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07 Jan 2008, 15:19
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08 Jan 2008, 07:56
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15 Apr 2009, 09:13
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07 Jan 2008, 15:30
This is an early draft which collects the gains and transfer functions of the electronic modules that implement the Booster LLRF control. Future additions to this document will include a representation of the Booster beam dynamics. This will describe the relationships between jRF voltage and phase, bending magnet magnetic field, beam momentum, and beam radial position.
The end goal is to understand and model the Booster and the LLRF controls sufficiently that modifications can be made to the LLRF controls with confidence that we will have not only a working system when we are done, but also and improved system.
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