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On the Tevatron Tune Tracker, Status report, December 2002

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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02 Jan 2003, 15:10
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02 Jan 2003, 15:10
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09 Jan 2003, 14:25
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The Tevatron Tune tracker is a software project which allows to automatically (e.g. electronically without manual intervention) measure the Tevatron tune(s) and ultimately will allow us to implement feedback on Tev magnet current(s), such that the tunes are stabilized while the persistent currents in the magnets change.
This software is based on C++ and Root. Algorithms and some implementation details are given. described in some details, Results for coalesced and uncoalesced beams are presented.

January 9: Add Study results from January 7 2003. Measured Tunes vs tune setting are given (partial scan!). Tune variation during bump/aperture measurement at C0 are also given

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