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Tevatron Study Report: Losses vs Chomaticity, 11/26/02

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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02 Jan 2003, 16:32
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02 Jan 2003, 16:32
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05 Jan 2003, 15:09
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During the end-of-store study on November 26, 2002,
we measured the proton and pbar beam lifetimes and loss rates at 980 GeV
as a function of the vertical and horizontal chromaticity. Unlike in
previous studies, the two chromaticities were lowered simultaneously.
There was no noticable change in the beam lifetime or in the loss rate
over about 10 units of chromaticity. Only a gradual 10% increase was
seen in the p-bar horizontal Schottky power until an abrupt quench
occurred at a cromaticity setting 10 units lower than nominal. This quench
appeared to have been caused by the loss of the pbar beam. T. Sen has
explained this pbar instability by the large chromaticity difference between
protons and antiprotons, which arises from the long-range collisions.
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