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Tevatron Beam Study on Pbar Tunes, Beam Separation, and pBar Removal, Dec 3 2002

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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02 Jan 2003, 16:36
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02 Jan 2003, 16:36
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05 Jan 2003, 15:10
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During a dedicated machine study on December 03, 2002,
we measured tunes of all individual pbar bunches by exciting them with
the tune meter and detecting the resulting signals on the pbar Schottky
monitors. We found that the horizontal tune is significantly lower for the
first bunch in each train, and some evidence that the vertical tune of the
last bunch is also below the average. This behavior is exactly opposite
to the theoretical prediction. Separating the beams at B0 and D0, we could
infer the head-on beam-beam tune shift experienced by the pbars. The
horizontal tune shift was consistent with the expectation, about 0.006 at
this intensity. Vertically the measured tune shift was significantly smaller
than expected. Finally, we made a new attempt of cross-calibrating the
available beam-size detectors by scraping. After removing 10% of the
pbars, this experiment was terminated by a quench
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