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Tevatron Study on Proton Beam Lifetime at 150 GeV, Chromaticities and tunes.., December 3 2002

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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02 Jan 2003, 16:41
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02 Jan 2003, 16:41
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09 Jan 2003, 17:28
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During a dedicated machine study on December 3-4, 2002, we
measured the chromaticities, the proton beam lifetime and loss rates at
150 GeV on the central orbit, the proton helix, and the pbar helix.

January 9 : adding a few more plots on the proton lifetime at 150, w/o pbar in the machine. P. L.
On the proton helix we dry-fired rhe pbar injection to observe a possible
impact of injection kickers and wire scans. We next studied the
dependence of the lifetime on tunes and on chromaticity, for both
helices. At this occasion, we found an instability threshold for the pbar
helix. We reduced the vertical aperture by moving collimator F49VCP
closer to the beam, and measured the effect on the loss rate. We lastly
removed a part of the proton beam by this collimator to get an emittance
estimate independent of the flying wires.

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