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Tevatron Integrated Luminosity -- A tutorial primer

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Michael J. Syphers
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Michael J. Syphers
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04 Apr 2008, 14:46
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04 Apr 2008, 14:46
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04 Apr 2008, 14:46
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Recent record-setting performance of the Fermilab Tevatron is the culmination of a long series of efforts to optimize the many parameters that go into generating particle collisions for the colliding beams experiments. The instantaneous luminosity is determined by the number of particles in each beam, the physical extent of the beams at the collision point, and the bunch collision frequency. Meanwhile, the integrated luminosity also depends upon the rate at which particles are lost due to collisions or other means, as well as the rate at which the initial store luminosity can be restored after the end -- intentional or otherwise -- of the previous store. Here we take an analytical approach in an attempt to illustrate the most fundamental aspects of integrating luminosity in the Tevatron. The essential features, including recent values of the weekly integrated luminosity, can be understood in a transparent way from basic operational parameters such as antiproton accumulation rate and beam emittance growth rate in the Tevatron. Operational considerations as the Tevatron operates at or near the ``beam-beam limit'' are also discussed.
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AD/TD Seminar presentation
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