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Milorad B. Popovic
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Milorad B. Popovic
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07 Oct 2008, 10:26
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07 Oct 2008, 10:26
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07 Oct 2008, 10:26
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Modern technology allows us to consider operating an 8 GeV SC linac in a CW mode to accelerate a high-current H- beam. By using appropriate accumulation rings, the linac could provide simultaneous beams for direct neutrino production, neutrino factories, fixed target experiments, and muon colliders. Several other unique accelerator applications could also be served and improved by the same continuous beam, including studies of energy production and nuclear waste reduction by transmutation, rare muon decay searches, and muon catalyzed fusion. A comparison of CW and pulsed operation is strongly dependent on the choice of accelerating gradient, and a first look at refrigeration requirements for a gradient of 20 MV/m is included in this study. Methods for accumulating the beam from a CW linac to serve the special needs of the potential future Fermilab programs mentioned above are considered. In this paper we also examine the use of a cyclotron as a source of high current beams to reduce the cost and complexity of the linac front end. Although the refrigeration system would be large for 20 MV/m gradient, a 3 mA CW H- beam at 8 GeV looks feasible, with potential beam power up to 24 MW to access the intensity-frontier for muon and neutrino physics and also be an essential step to an energy-frontier muon collider.
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