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Excel Tool to gather Recycler transfsers data from SDA files

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Brian E. Drendel
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Brian E. Drendel
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30 Oct 2008, 09:54
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07 Jun 2011, 16:07
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07 Jun 2011, 16:07
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Tool used to gather information on Recycler transfers, used by Machine Coordinator for 9am meeting summaries. The performance of this tool is much faster and much more flexible than our other Java tools. There is a windows script that is used to copy Recycler transfer spreadsheet information from \\ad-c-samba\users\xml_write\acc2rec to the users' local area. The Excel Tool then uses the acc2rec_woaver.xls and acc2rec_aver.xls SDA files to calculate shot transfer information. Both files must be opened after copying them from \\ad-c-samba. The INPUT tab of the Excel Tool performs some error checking, lets the user set the conditional formatting cuts for the Summary TAB and allows the user to customize the time range that the user wants to analyze. The Summary TAB contains all of the calculations. Conditional formatting warns the user when efficiencies, emittances, etc... are outside of the normal bounds with multiple levels of color coded warnings. In addition, the conditional formatting hides those rows of data not included in the calculations. Rows 2 and 3 of the Summary TAB contain the totals and daily average. Column A was added to allow the user to filter data. Simply put an "x" in Column A in the row that you don't want as part of the calculation and Excel will exclude that row. This is particularly helpful when we have a bad set(s) of transfers or a set(s) of transfers from a very large stack. With a single click we can easily see the overall efficiency numbers with and without including those transfers. Our Java tools do not currently have this functionality. A number of plots were also added and configured to automatically adjust based on the size of the input data.
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Added Excel plots
Added Input tab fields to modify conditional formatting of data on the Summary tab on the fly.
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