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Some Console Applications for Displaying Main Injector BLM Measurements

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Bruce C. Brown
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Bruce C. Brown
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05 Feb 2009, 15:34
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27 May 2020, 13:32
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27 May 2020, 13:32
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05 Feb 2009, 15:55
Loss management efforts using the Main Injector Collimators resulted in new programs to display the Main Injector BLM results. For visual monitoring of normal operation, I38 displays all losses at the end of each Main Injector cycle plus the first two PROFILE times for each BLM. For monitoring and studies, I129 provides sums of BLM readings for each PROFILE time with BLM's grouped to provide information on loss patterns. It also stores loss data in a Sybase database and permits the user to write files in .csv format containing either the complete loss pattern or the table which groups losses. Details on the specification and use of these tools will be described.
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Notes and Changes:
I129 enhanced to permit display of Group Table results into .csv file for up to 30 profiles. Other minor improvements in V2.
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