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Excel Tool for Calculating Pbar Sequencer "Fudge Factors"

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Brian E. Drendel
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Brian E. Drendel
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16 Mar 2009, 14:55
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17 Mar 2009, 12:48
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17 Mar 2009, 12:48
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This spreadsheet is a tool intended to help the user calculate new fudge factors based on data from multiple sets of transfers.
1. Open the spreadsheet
2. Enable MACROS if prompted (required for the "Clear old data" button.
3. Go to the Calculate Fudge Tab
4. Click the "Click to Clear Old Data" button (important!)
5. Enter the current Fudge factors from P64 in cells C5-C8. The correctors are listed in the order presented on P64.
6. Ener the I51 TBT trim currents for the first transfer in up to five sets of transfers that were taken with the Fudge Factor values from step 4. Sets of trim data can be entered into cells C12:D15, C17:D20, C22:D25, C32:D35, and C37:D40. The trims are listed in the order they appear on I51 (different than what appears on P64). Once you populate the initial trim currents in cells C12:C15, those numbers are automatically populated to cells C17:C20, C22:C25, C32:C35 and C37:C40 as I assume we are starting with the same trim initial currents.
7. Fudge factors at various step cuts of the correction are calculated for each set of data entered.
8. For each Fudge Factor, and average value accross all of the entered transfers at various step cuts is displayed in cells C5:J8. The average only includes the data that was entered. Blank cells are not included in the average. I have found that using a 60% step cut of the average appears to work OK.
9. The cells are protected to stop one from entering data into a wrong cell.
10. I assume:
a. The user knows how to use I51 to get the before and after trim currents.
b. The user only uses transfers where I52 was able to close properly.
c. The user verified that all sets of transfers where data was entered use the same fudge factor.
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