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Accelerator Physics Developments for Tevatron Run II

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Valeri A Lebedev
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Valeri A Lebedev
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31 Mar 2009, 10:53
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07 Apr 2009, 23:05
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The success of Tevatron Run II is based on advances in the accelerator physics, as well as, on the excellence and advances in engineering, instrumentation and machine operation. In this series of lectures we would like to review the main advances in Accelerator physics which contributed to the luminosity growth and/or improvement of the Tevatron complex operations. The lectures are aimed for the Run II participants who would like to deepen their understanding of the accelerator physics. The level of the presented material corresponds to the advanced course of accelerator physics but at the same time we would like to present material so that it could be understandable for less prepared listeners.

Lecture 1: Linear Optics Fundamentals and Linear Optics with Coupling Between Degrees of Freedom

1. Equations of motion, Symplecticity condition, Liouville theorem
2. Eigen-vectors and mode emittances of multidimensional motion
3. Parameterization of single dimension motion, Twiss parameters, parameterization of multidimensional motion
4. X-Y coupled motion, Edwards-Teng and extended Mais-Ripken parameterizations
5. Perturbation theory for symplectic motion

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