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ECOFUSION – A Cellular, Electron Cooled Approach to Fusion Energy Generation

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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15 May 2009, 09:26
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15 May 2009, 09:26
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15 May 2009, 09:26
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A modular electron-cooled storage ring system for achieving particle-beam fusion-based-energy is described. The system uses multiple electron-cooled, overlapping storage rings to enable colliding-beam fusion. Particles are continuously fed into the storage rings, and the electron cooling systems continuously correct the ion beam trajectories, compensating for various scattering events that occur in the system. This allows for large currents to be built up in the ion storage rings. The rate of fusion reactions that occur in the overlap regions between the storage rings can be increased by focusing to enable power outputs of interest for fusion-based power reactors. Present designs indicate that the system should be eventually able to produce ten times more energy than is required to operate the device. The system can be built with technology readily available today.
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