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Radiation & Acceleration

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Valeri A Lebedev
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Valeri A Lebedev
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21 May 2009, 18:42
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21 May 2009, 18:42
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22 May 2009, 11:55
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Dr. Max Zolotorev presented a tutorial on particle radiation and acceleration at Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar.

This tutorial covers the topic of electromagnetic radiation of charged particles from a point of view different to the classical approach. The complete symmetry between wave and particle optics is discussed and an intuitive semi-classical approach is used for deriving the main
characteristics of all known radiation processes.

In the second part of the talk, it is also shown how the acceleration of charged particles can be described as the result of the interference between the external electromagnetic field and the spontaneous radiation from the particles. Finally, the fluctuation properties of the radiation from a bunch of particles are discussed.

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