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Ion-Induced Instability of Diocotron Modes in Magnetized Electron Columns

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Giulio Stancari
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Giulio Stancari
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16 Nov 2009, 15:29
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16 Nov 2009, 15:29
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16 Nov 2009, 15:29
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Diocotron instabilities are commonly observed when ions are mixed into dynamically stable pure electron plasmas. Here, we demonstrate an exponential instability of lowest azimuthal modes with no apparent threshold and the growth rate defined by the ion current or ionization rate/fraction. In essence, an ion traversing through an orbiting electron column transfers its acquired canonical angular momentum to the column, thus giving a positive feedback and driving the instability. This instability may have important implications for a variety of experiments that continuously propel bunch of ions through magnetized electron plasmas, such as the ion beam space-charge compensation experiments, or the double-well Penning traps to overlap cold positron and anti-proton clouds for production of anti-hydrogen. Hence, various (both dynamical and dissipative) techniques to mitigate or/and suppress the ion-induced instability have been also demonstrated in our experiments.
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Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar given on September 17, 2009.
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