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Antiprotons at Fermilab: New Directions in Hyperon, Charm, and Antimatter Physics

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Milorad B. Popovic
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Milorad B. Popovic
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11 Jan 2010, 11:20
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11 Jan 2010, 11:20
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11 Jan 2010, 11:20
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Fermilab operates the world's most intense antiproton source. Newly proposed experiments can use those antiprotons either parasitically during Tevatron Collider running or after the Tevatron Collider finishes in about 2011. For example, the annihilation of 8 GeV antiprotons might make the world's most intense source of tagged D0 mesons, and thus the best near-term opportunity to study charm mixing and, via CP violation, to search for new physics. An experiment using a Penning trap and an atom interferometer could make the world's first measurement of the gravitational force on antimatter. Accomplishing such goals will require optimizing the Antiproton Source complex for a variety of simultaneous and staged uses. How best to do this remains to be worked out. We are confident that solutions can be found that will allow Fermilab to have a broad experimental program in the post-Tevatron era.
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