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Monte Carlo Mean Field Treatment of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects with Application to Microbunching Instability in Bunch Compressors

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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16 Feb 2010, 16:07
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16 Feb 2010, 16:07
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16 Feb 2010, 16:07
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Bunch compressors, designed to increase the peak current, can lead to a
microbunching instability driven by an increased coherent synchrotron radiation
(CSR) at short wavelengths, with detrimental effects on the beam quality.
This is a major concern for free electron lasers (FELs) where very bright
electron beams are required, i.e. beams with low emittance and energy spread.
We propose a Monte Carlo mean field method to study CSR effects.
The method has been implemented in a highly scalable parallel code.
The two-dimensional charge/current distribution is represented by a Fourier
series, with coefficients determined through Monte Carlo sampling over an
ensemble of tracked points. This gives a globally smooth distribution with
low noise. The field equations are solved accurately in the lab frame using
retarded potentials and a novel choice of integration variables that eliminates
singularities. We apply the scheme with parameters for the first bunch compressor
system of FERMI@Elettra, with emphasis on the amplification of a perturbation at
a particular wavelength and the associated longitudinal bunch spectrum *,**.

* G. Bassi, J. A. Ellison, K. Heinemann, R. Warnock, 'Microbunching Instability in
a Chicane: Two-Dimensional Mean Field Treatment', Phys. Rev. ST-AB 12, 080704 (2009).
** S. Di Mitri et al, 'Design and Simulation Challenges for FERMI@Elettra',
Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. Sect. A, Volume 608, (2009).

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