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Status of the 2 MeV Electron Cooler for COSY Juelich

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Lionel R. Prost
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Lionel R. Prost
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13 May 2010, 17:22
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13 May 2010, 17:22
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13 May 2010, 18:00
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The 2 MeV electron cooling system for COSY-Juelich was proposed to further boost the luminosity even in presence of strong heating effects of high-density internal targets. The project is funded since mid 2009. Manufacturing of the cooler components has already begun. The space required for the 2 MeV cooler is being made available in the COSY ring. The design and construction of the cooler is accomplished in cooperation with the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk, Russia. The 2 MeV cooler is also well suited in the start up phase of the High Energy Storage Ring (HESR) at FAIR in Darmstadt. It can be used for beam cooling at injection energy and is intended to test new features of the high energy electron cooler for HESR. Modifications to the COSY ring itself and its infrastructure to make space available for the cooler are in progress.
Two new prototypes of the modular high voltage system were developed, one consisting of gas turbines the other based on inductance-coupled cascade generators. The new 2 MeV electron cooler is described and tests of components are reported.
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