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Run III: Continued Running of the Tevatron Collider Beyond 2011

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Dave McGinnis
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Dave McGinnis
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26 May 2010, 16:30
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26 May 2010, 16:32
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26 May 2010, 16:32
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26 May 2010, 16:30
This document is a proposal to extend the operations of the Tevatron Collider Program for three years from the end of 2011 through 2014, with the major goal of providing greater than 3 sigma evidence for the low mass Standard Model Higgs Boson in its dominant decay channel, b¯b. Failure to detect evidence for a Higgs signal at the end of Run III will provide conclusive proof of physics beyond the Standard Model. Such a Tevatron Run III can be done in parallel with simultaneous running of NOvA up to 71% of the requested 700 kW power, with small and low-cost modifications to the Main Injector/Recycler complex. In addition to providing at least a 3 sigma evidence of the Higgs Boson in the low mass range, should it exist, the purpose of Run III is to: (1) more than double the currently existing data sets of both collaborations up to a total integrated (analyzed) luminosity of 16 fb-1; (2) extend the program to the estimated end-point of the useful operational span of the current detectors without a significant upgrade cycle; (3) provide Fermilab with an additional outflow of exciting, rich and new results, and continued training of students and RA’s, during the transition to the Intensity Frontier.
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