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Design and operating experience with the SNS superconducting linac

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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04 Oct 2010, 12:13
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04 Oct 2010, 12:13
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04 Oct 2010, 12:13
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The SNS Superconducting Linac (SCL) has been reliably providing a main acceleration for neutron production since 2006. The use of superconducting elliptical cavities for particles whose velocity are less than speed of light (beta< 1), make this accelerator a very important milestone for learning operating conditions of this type of cavities. Since the SNS SCL is the first large-scale high-energy pulsed superconducting proton linac that provides high beam power utilizing H- beams, many aspects of its performance and reliability were unknown and unpredictable during the design and commissioning periods. A large amount of data has been collected on the behavior of cavities and cryomodules in various conditions. This experience will be of great value in determining future optimizations of SNS as well in guiding in the design and operation of future superconducting linacs. Overview and lessons learned of the SNS SCL including design concerns, performance, path forward for the SNS power ramp-up goal, and upgrade path of the SNS superconducting linac, will be presented.
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