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Design Studies for MEIC: Medium Energy Electron -Ion Collider at JLab

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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13 Oct 2010, 08:54
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13 Oct 2010, 08:54
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13 Oct 2010, 08:54
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A high luminosity polarized electron-ion collider (MEIC) is envisioned as the primary future of the Jefferson Lab nuclear science program beyond the 12 GeV upgraded CEBAF. The present conceptual design of MEIC selects a ring-ring collider option and covers a CM energy range up to 51 GeV for both polarized light ions and un-polarized heavy ions. The electron-ion collider (ELIC) at Jefferson Lab is mainly composed of two figure-of-eight rings, intersecting at up to four collision points, with a proton energy of 30-225 GeV (30-100 GeV/A for ions up to Pb) and electrons (and positrons) from 3 to 9 GeV, with a design luminosity approaching 10^34cm^(-2)sec^(-1) and compatible with simultaneous operation of the 12 GeV CEBAF for fixed-target experiments. Figure-8 collider ring is adopted for preserving ion beam polarization during acceleration and also accommodation of a polarized deuteron beam for collisions.

Progress in the conceptual design and optimization of major components including electron collider ring, an interaction region with chromaticity correction, and spin rotators will be discussed.

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