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Application of Electro Chemical Buffing onto Niobium SRF Cavity Surfaces

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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15 Nov 2010, 11:56
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15 Nov 2010, 11:56
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15 Nov 2010, 11:56
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Niobium electropolishing (EP) for superconducting RF (SRF) cavities is generally considered to be the best technology today. However, the hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixtures usually used in the EP process are harmful and require carefully controlled handling and many additional facilities. Recently we have proposed a new application of electrochemical buffing (ECB) to niobium SRF cavities.

In the method of ECB, a rotating disk with abrasive fine particles is pressed against a sample surface in the presence of an electrolyte. The disk and the sample function as a cathode and an anode, respectively, and an aqueous solution of sodium nitrate is used for the electrolyte. This technology brings us a couple of remarkable advantages like high etching rate, ultra low surface roughness, cost-effectiveness and environmentally-compatible polishing. The electrolyte in particular allows us to be released from many constraints of niobium surface polishing with the EP method, for instance, the electrolyte ages very slowly, no heat exchanger is required, no special protective materials for the facility against the strong acid are required, no chemical hood is required, no alarm and safety systems are required, and no safety zone and safety wear are required.

In the talk, the principle of ECB, a comparison of ECB with EP, the results of surface analyses, and the application of ECB to niobium SRF cavities will be introduced.

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