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Triggers and mitigation strategies of rf breakdown for muon accelerator cavities

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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16 Nov 2010, 07:32
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16 Nov 2010, 07:32
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16 Nov 2010, 07:32
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Normal conducting accelerator rf structures in the frequency range of 201 MHz to 805 MHz have been found to experience damage and drop of their maximum achievable gradient due to breakdown when operated within multi-Tesla magnetic fields. Better understanding of these issues is desirable for the development of structure designs and processing techniques that could improve the performance of muon cooling lattices which require both high gradient rf and strong magnetic fields. Here, a model is proposed and simulated, for a possible trigger of rf breakdown in magnetic fields based primarily on field-emission from microscopic surface roughnesses. Our results are compared against experimental data for an 805 MHz cavity. Possible solutions to these problems are discussed, including designs for magnetically insulated rf in which the cavity walls are chosen to be parallel to magnetic field contour lines and consequently damage from field emission is expected to be suppressed. Experiments that could further study the behavior of rf cavities in magnetic fields are outlined.
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