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Einzel Lens Chopper – Transmission Line Mismatches

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Cheng-Yang Tan
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Cheng-Yang Tan
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15 Mar 2011, 14:25
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15 Mar 2011, 14:25
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15 Mar 2011, 14:25
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A quick calculation to see the effect of a transmission line that connects the load resistor to the Einzel lens. In this treatment, a capacitor with a small capacitance is used to model the Einzel lens. If the load resistor is not equal to the impedance of the transmission line, there are two surprising results:
(i) the time constant from each reflection is Z0*CE rather than R*CE. Here Z0 is the impedance of the transmission line, R is the load resistor and CE is the capacitance of the Einzel lens. (ii) for a very long cable, the decay rate of the voltage on the Einzel lens when it is turned off instantaneously depends on both the length of the transmission line and the reflection coefficient and is independent of CE.
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