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Increasing yield of cold and ultra-cold neutrons from spallation target for the search of neutron oscillations

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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20 Jun 2011, 07:16
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20 Jun 2011, 07:16
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20 Jun 2011, 07:16
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Production of very cold and ultracold neutrons can be significantly increased in a dedicated spallation target with 4pi cryogenic moderation coverage and with use of high-m reflection mirrors. Such a target with power < 1 MW can be fed with ~ 1 GeV beam from the Project X linac or can be used in combination with compact superconducting cyclotrons discussed by the DAEdALUS Collaboration. Such a cold neutron source will open new experimental possibilities to search for appearance transformation of neutrons to antineutrons and for disappearance of neutrons to sterile mirror neutrons; the latter can be one of the components of the dark matter world. Experiments for observation of transformation of very slow neutrons should best be performed with a vertical neutron beam that will minimize the devastating effects of gravity. Such experiments can be planned for the Project X neutron target and for very long vertical experiment in the mine shafts such as one that exists in Homestake mine. Optimization of the performance of the cold spallation source should be done in combination with sensitivity and layout optimization of the realistic neutron oscillation search experiment.
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