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ILC Technical Design Phase Progress

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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01 Jul 2011, 09:06
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01 Jul 2011, 09:06
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01 Jul 2011, 09:06
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The ILC Technical Design Phase (TDP) is expected to finish late next year with the publication of the Technical Design Report. The goals of the TDP are to: 1) carry out the R & D studies to justify critical ILC reference design parameter choices, 2) update the technical design, 3) develop practical scenarios for globally-based mass production of high-technology components, and 4) produce a new cost estimate. This talk will describe the progress made toward these goals and will highlight the migration of high gradient SCRF technical expertise and competence within the three (Asia, Americas and Europe) ILC regions and associated industry. During the Technical Design Phase there has been excellent progress and regional SCRF capabilities have developed extensively - Fermilab's role in this success has been and remains quite important. In addition, beam test facilities to address collective effects (electron cloud), precision beam optics and high-gradient, high-beam -power superconducting linac operation have been constructed in each region and results from these will be a central part of the Technical Design Report and will be summarized in the talk. Design work on potential ILC sites and siting criteria will also be reported.
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