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Application of Superconducting Resonators for Study of Two Level Defect States in Dielectrics

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Camille M. Ginsburg
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Camille M. Ginsburg
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02 Nov 2011, 09:14
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02 Nov 2011, 09:14
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02 Nov 2011, 09:14
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Superconducting resonators are measured at milliKelvin temperatures for photon detection and quantum computing purposes. We represent another important application of these devices. They are successfully used for study of the properties of crystalline and amorphous dielectrics in microwave diapason of electromagnetic fields. Current work combines several types of superconducting resonators and experimental methods providing the most complete number of experimental approaches for search and characterization of new materials which can be used for superconducting qubit fabrication. Experiments conducted at mK temperature range and input power varied from single photon regime to much higher numbers demonstrated that resonator loss behave in accordance with prediction for resonant contribution of two-level system (TLS) defects to dielectric function. Deviations from the standard model has been observed in several experiments and explained by increasing of importance of TLS-TLS interactions and size effects at certain experimental conditions.
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