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Development of 325 MHz Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers for Project X, under Addendum-V of IIFC

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Alexander Sukhanov
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Alexander Sukhanov
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30 Jul 2012, 08:27
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30 Jul 2012, 08:27
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30 Jul 2012, 08:27
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The solid-state radio frequency (RF) power amplifier has several advantages over the tube amplifiers. These are mainly high reliability, simple start-up procedure, long life, easy maintenance, low voltage operation and use of low power circulators.
In BARC, solid state amplifier technology development is being done both at 350 MHz and 325 MHz using RF transistors such as 1 kW LDMOS and/or 350 Watt VDMOS. For project X, work is being done at three power levels viz., 1, 3 and 7 kW and at 325 MHz.
The overall configuration of an RF amplifier includes the basic 1000 watt RF module based on LDMOSFET, a no. of power splitters / combiners with different configurations depending upon various power stages, directional couplers, compact DC supplies and an interlock and protection circuit.
This talk for the technical seminar gives an over view of development of RF power amplifier modules, associated technologies and then integrated RF power amplifier with its test results.
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