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Tomography And Related Diagnostics In Synchrotrons: Users Guide

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Duncan J Scott
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Duncan J Scott
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16 Jan 2014, 14:15
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17 Jan 2014, 14:11
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16 Mar 2016, 10:37
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Tomography and Related Diagnostics in Synchrotrons, TARDIS, is an application that uses tomography to reconstruct the longitudinal phase space distribution from longitudinal charge profiles of the beam. The programme has many customizable features and is designed to run as a standalone application, in a batch mode, and an online mode, in which live data is taken and analysed. This note will give an overview of the console to using TARDIS in “online mode” through ACNET, concentrating on the day to day monitoring of the beam. It also contains an final section of more technical information on the pre-processing module of the programme.
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