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Linac Laser Notcher Project in the Proton Improvement Plan

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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11 Feb 2014, 15:18
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17 Feb 2014, 12:44
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01 Apr 2014, 09:19
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11 Feb 2014, 15:18
Circular accelerators or storage rings require a small section of their circumference devoid of any beam (i.e. a "notch") to allow for the rise time of an extraction kicker device. In multi-turn injection schemes, this notch in the beam may be generated either in the ring after injection or in the linac pulse prior to injection. In the case of the Fermilab Booster, the notch is created in the ring near injection energy by the use of fast kickers, thus depositing the beam in a shielded collimation region within the accelerator tunnel. With increasing beam powers in the Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) and it's proposed successor PIP-II, it is desirable to create this notch at the lowest possible energy to minimize activation. PIP has undertaken an R&D project to build a laser system to create the notch within a linac beam pulse. This system will be located immediately after the RFQ at 750 keV, where activation issues are negligible. The concept for the laser notcher, current status, and future plans for installation of the device will be described.
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