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Studies on the Focusing Performance of a Gabor Lens Depending on Nonneutral Plasma Properties

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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02 Dec 2014, 15:28
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02 Dec 2014, 15:28
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02 Dec 2014, 15:28
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The concept of the Gabor lens goes back to an idea of Dennis Gabor, who proposed a magnetron-type trap as an effective diverging lens for electron beams (collecting lens for positive ion beams). Electrons, which are confined inside the lens volume by orthogonal magnetic and electric fields, create an electric self-field that causes a radial symmetric focusing force on an ion beam passing through the lens volume. A homogeneous electron distribution results in a linear electric space charge field in radial direction.

Compared to conventional ion optics, the Gabor lens offers the advantage that the electron distribution within the beam potential is controlled by the external fields. This enables the transport of intense ion beams without aberrations at relatively low field strengths. So far, the experiments performed at the Institute for Applied Physics at Goethe-University Frankfurt were limited to low beam energies and currents. For this reason, a prototype Gabor lens was tested at the High Current Test Injector (HOSTI) at GSI to investigate the beam transport of an high intensity ion beam regarding beam radius, energy, pulsed beam operation and to acquire experience in a real accelerator environment.

In order to investigate possible plasma beam interaction diagnostic measurements of the electron column were performed before and during the beam transport experiments. In this talk the basics of nonneutral plasma confined in Gabor lenses, the diagnostic techniques to study the electron column and the results of the beam transport measurements will be discussed.

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