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Early Beam Injection in the Fermilab Booster & its Implementation Plan

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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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16 Mar 2015, 15:35
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04 May 2020, 17:17
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04 May 2020, 17:17
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Over the past 6-8 months we have made significant progress in understanding the Early Injection Scheme (EIS) via simulations as well as by the experiments in the Booster. The studies needs dedicated beam time, hence, we developed 1-shot sequence which will help us to make progress in the beam studies even during the nominal beam operation. The results from the simulations on the EIS shows that one can operate Booster at a lower rf power, produce lower emittance beam and no beam losses under current operational scenario. The conclusions from a preliminary analysis (presented here) of the beam data from EIS are, 1) one can lower the rf power by ~15%, 2) beam delivery efficiency is about 90%, comparable to that with the current operation, even with a part of the scheme implemented in the tests. We present game plan for implementation of the full scheme in operation.
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